Better Health through provision of Medical Health Schemes to individuals and employees 

Excel Health Innovations Limited aims to bridge gaps existing in providing for individuals health needs due to lack of choices in accessing health facilities, in addition to make similar  provisions  for employees through various categories of employees who may not have cost effective medical schemes to offer them on a sustainable basis.  This company is afully registered start-up that requires potential  partners in order for the operations to be commenced 

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 Email: excelhealthinfo

Mobile Numbers: +260 978 462313/+260 955 855399


Comprehensive Information

Much of the information required to be grasped by clients/users is provided in  brochures already printed for hand-outs. In addition group explanation will be provided where requested

List of Medical Service Providers

This carries names of service providers (Clinics, Hospitals) as are conveniently available in the various locations of the city or town. This provides information on the choices of facilities to clients

Medical Cards

Clients on the schemes will be issued with cards. Medical attention can only be given to card holders as recognised by the chosen service providers and subject to such accounts being fully paid-up.



The card that allow the masses of Zambia to have access to Government Health Centres country wide.


A magical tool that allows entry to both Government and some Private Clinics country wide.


A priority for every home. This scheme covers six members of the family inclusive of spouses.


A prestige package for all organisations and successful business houses


Unless otherwise differently agreed, all such schemes are to expire twelve months after they have been put into operation.

Renewal time provides a basis of reviewing most aspects of the schemes to suit certain circumstances arising from the year under review.

After Sales Service

It is the company's intention to ensure that intergrity is maintained in ensuring that financial commitments due to service providers do not compromise the health interests of the scheme beneficiaries. It will also be our duty to regularly liaise with the companies /organisational authorities on the performance of the schemes in relation to the number of the employees on the various types of schemes so that renewals would be smoothly managed.

Specialised Equipment

It will be within our means to observe and get the true picture of service providers so that those employees seeking special attention can get information from us.

Critical Cases

Efforts wil be made to identify service providers with certain special medical capabilities to handle special cases.








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